Conscious Embodiment

The Practice of Being Present 


by Philippe Isler

When Nothing is Normal

Mar 28, 2020

“A gift is an empowerment, something that allows us to travel further on our way to the highest possible expression of ourselves. In this way, even difficulties are gifts, even hardship, even sorrow or the perception of loss are gifts, because they all have the energy within them to teach us something vital about ourselves and the nature of our lives in this reality.”

                                                                   Richard Wagamese: One Drum


I have to admit that I’m stressed. It’s not even that I’m actually worrying; I actually don’t feel scared or anxious about getting ill. It’s the stress of...

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How to thrive in the disruptive environment of the Covid crisis

Mar 23, 2020

These are difficult times. What is confusing is we don’t even quite know yet exactly how difficult they will be and in exactly what ways. What we do know is that the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus is disturbing and disruptive. It is disrupting our personal lives, our work lives, our financial lives, our social lives, even our social rules - and, now, legal rules, too. Both personally and socially, we are in completely new territory, having to make up new rules and new patterns of behaviour day-by-day to adjust to the situation. Having to adapt and re-adapt our plans, our thoughts and expectations almost daily to the changes that are happening. Having to confront the unknown as an ever-present aspect of our daily lives.

As human beings, we spend more time than we are even aware trying to reduce, control and mitigate the unknowns. We construct most of what we think of as our daily lives, around that. These days, we feel how easily our sense of control and of being able to...

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