Reducing Feelings of Insecurity, Powerlessness and Danger

Apr 26, 2020

This Covid 19 situation of self-isolation and lock-down, unknown  risks and unknown futures, can result in all sorts of different layers and dimensions of stress. These have only been exacerbated by the recent mass shooting, at least here in Nova Scotia.

In my last video I talked about "Collective Covid Stress". I this one I talk about underlying feelings you may have of powerlessness, danger, and insecurity, in the face of both these situations.

This video also comes with an audio download, to teach you another tool you can use to manage any types of stress responses, and negative thoughts or feelings. If you have already experienced this in your work with me you will catch on quickly. If you haven't, it may be a little more of a stretch, but give it a chance; it is super effective.

I normally would spend a whole day teaching this for self-help, and three days teaching it to professional, but I have tried to teach you a condensed version and give you this audio you can use over and over again.

Feel free to leave questions in the comment section.


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